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The Matzel Family Story


 GOATS! GOATS! GOATS! It’s all about the goats!  Or it was in the beginning…. My story starts with my love of goats, particularly Nigerian dwarf goats.  The only way I could convince my husband to let me start raising them would be if they were good for something beyond their entertainment value.  So I told him I could breed them and use the milk for homemade cheese.   First kidding season, I had so much milk I had to find other uses than cheese. So I tried my hand at goat milk soap. And, I fell in love from my very first batch.  Next thing you know, I was trying different recipes and remaking my favorites. I began testing my different soaps by giving samples to family and friends for their feedback. Soon my family and friends were spreading the word about my handcrafted goat milk soaps. Before you know it I made my first sale and I had my husband’s blessing to expand my herd and product offerings and here I am today.

But there is more! My little goat herd of three has grown to 19 goats!  But nooooo I wasn’t satisfied, I decided I needed to have a cow to make cow’s milk cheeses also. Since we already had a barn my husband decided we needed pasture raised organic eggs from heritage breed chickens. So we added chickens to our farm and a coop area inside our existing barn. The chickens have gotten out of hand we have about 40 of them now and a local high end butcher shop will be carrying our eggs. My husband is now building a new large Chicken Coop to house up to 80 chickens. 

Moving right along my husband has decided to add heritage pigs to the mix.  Mulefoots to be exact.

We sell organic heritage pork, eggs, cheeses, soaps, bath bombs and lip balm


What we Believe 

What we offer

We are awesome sauce and have been married for 523 years.



  • Handmade Goat Soap.

  • Handmade Goat Soap Bombs.

  • We sell our quality animals at times.

  • We sell fresh farm eggs locally.



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